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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Who is in charge?

Just came from my oldest son's soccer practice. Yes, bright and early on Saturday morning the entire family--all 5 of us--load up into our cars. (Yes, that is plural, today we took 2) and go to one of the fields in our town to watch my son play soccer. He is only 5 and he is still learning. Truth is, so far, he's not much into sports. Its a little bit tricky because he kind of doesn't want to play but we want him to get outside and play while maybe picking up some skills he can use later if he decides he wants to play then.

I face similar problems with my characters. Right now, in the chapter I am about to start, a character is going to wake my heroine up. I want it to be one character doing the waking but my muse thinks it should be someone else. Now, I, Rebecca Royce, the writer of this piece of fiction, knows its important for the character I want to do it to wake up my heroine so some pieces of information can be given out and some story points worked through.

However, my muse has a different vision for the chapter.

It begs the question: who is in charge of this story? Of course this isn't different from real life, who is in charge? Me, who wants my son to play soccer or my son or wants to come home and watch cartoons?

Sigh. We'll see on all counts.

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