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Thursday, May 19, 2011

What frightens you??

I'll admit it. I have a lot of fears. Maybe more than other people. They're not just little 'oh my goodnesses' but actual 'AHHH, I don't want to deal with this things. The bugs above? Yes. They're one of them. My entire life, for whatever reason, bugs have chosen my room, my side of the bed, or wherever I am sitting to choose to go. I've had two bugs arrive to my side of the bed that were so big we thought they must be prehistoric. I don't live in a place that particularly lends itself to large insects. And yet...they find me.
Years ago, when I first moved to New Orleans where I lived for three years, a few of us decided to get out town during one of the tourist events. We drove to Biloxi, Mississippi. That was the first time I saw purple lightening. It was coming down over the ocean. I'll admit, it was pretty. But, I wasn't consumed with the loveliness. No. Because when I was ten years old and in sleep away camp the bunk I was staying in was struck my lightening. I'll never forget that noise and the bright light or the terror. My childhood home was struck not once but twice. (We fortunately had a lightening rod.) Yeah...I don't like lightening. During really bad storms while my family sleeps, I hide under my covers and try to will the storm away.
I love to go new places. This is a problem because of my absolute fear of plane crashes. Well, most people are afraid of the plane going down. But, in my life, my Uncle died in a plane crash. And then years later, on the other side of the family, my Aunt's brother and sister-in-law were killed in a major commercial airline crash. I fly because I have to in order to live the life I want but I don't like it. No, not at all.

How about all of you? What frightens you??


  1. OMG Rebecca, you sound like me. I HATE bugs! If they are outside, I'm better, but they must stay out of my house. Now that I'm the adult, I've had to learn to kill them myself.

    Not so afraid of lightning, but of tornadoes that may come out of bad storms. Relates to family reunion in Toledo, Ohio many years ago.

    Never been on a plane. That worries me.

    Oh, and an alien invasion. I just hope if aliens come to Earth, they're like the aliens I write about and not the ones Stephen Hawking predicts will come.

  2. OMG, Jess. Yes. Friendly aliens. Please. And I've disliked tornadoes ever since I saw that movie Twister

  3. What the hell kind of bugs are those?! They're horrible looking!
    I hate clowns. I have coulrophobia and it's completely irrational. Something I've developed as an adult and I have no idea why! If I see one, a mask, an evil mask *shudder* I scream, cry and run away like a baby LOL
    Oh and Aussie cockroaches. There's flying brown ones that are horrible. One flew into my face as a kid and I've been creeped out by them ever since.

  4. Liia-My husband has a fear of clowns too. What is that about?? He thinks his came from watching and reading the Steven King movie/book It.

  5. I've never seen IT. I never will, my fear is so bad I can't think about them without getting goosebumps and not in a good way. But from what I've heard, it's not surprising that watching/reading IT gave him a phobia,
    Damn creepy bastards

  6. Is it the hidden face? Do you get bothered by all masks? Like on Halloween? (Do you guys do Halloween in Australia??)

  7. I think it's the hidden face, but I don't get freaked by masks..
    We don't generally do Halloween here though so I'm safe until someone has a party.
    My cousin had a Halloween party a few years ago and my brother turned up in the most horrid evil clown mask I'd ever seen wearing a black cloak. I literally screamed, ran to the other end of the house and cried while holding Buda (my dog) I was that scared and wouldn't open my eyes until I felt his face to know he'd taken the mask off LOL
    Irrational? Yes.

  8. Heights.

    Used to be afraid of lightning, but a couple of years of living in Oklahoma cured me of that.

    Strangely though, no matter how much I expose myself to heights, I still get weak-kneed in high places.

  9. I know that feeling. Stairs worry me. Heights also. But nothing really compares to my fear of rails. I know it sounds weird, but I just FREAK if I watch a movie or TV show and someone steps on the rails, or is approached by a train or something. And the funny thing is... I have no idea where that comes from. I loved travelling by train when I was little. Maybe a past life? Noboy knows... *shudders at thought*

  10. OMG! Verification just came up with 'thmeRAIL'? WTF??? Ok, don't panic... Breathe. Hoping the next one will be nonsense. Nothing to do with rails..

  11. Lyn--Seriously? That is what the verification did??