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Monday, July 5, 2010

Funny Question I Get All The Time

Imagine if you will that I am standing sipping my wine at a dinner party and a well meaning person comes up to me to speak.

Well Meaning Person: Hi Rebecca, how is your writing going?

Me: Oh, it's going well. Thanks for asking. (Smiles)

Well Meaning Person: Where do your ideas come from?

Me: Ahhhh....

So as writers this is a funny question because sometimes the answer is 'at the Deli.'

Let me ask you then, where is the funniest place a writing idea came to you?


  1. Strangely, I get my best ideas when I am ironing. You can forget the clothes coz they'll get scorched!

    The other strangest and dangerous ones are when I am driving a long stretch of straight motorway in the fast lane and pop comes a new idea!

  2. Ideas have come:

    In the shower.

    While driving (which is both good and bad. DD's comp schedule means there's a lot of driving. Good. Me behind the wheel when idea pops and no way to write it down. Bad).

    On a boat (several times over because I'm on a boat quite frequently).

    At Disney World.

    DD's dance competition and surrounded by pre-teens.

  3. The best place for me to work my sub-plots and story line is walking something about moving and moving the story---- I don't get it either but I'm a writer so things aren't suppose to make sense.

    The most usual/embarassing/ackward is me and hubby were settling in for an afternoon nap (as with no clothes) and WHAM an entire idea w/full characters hit me. He said I had better sell the book when it was done and thankfully I did.

  4. Those are awesome!

    I wasn't joking. I've had ideas come to me in line at the deli.

    Also the zoo, on an airplane, and walking around Ground Zero in NYC.

  5. I had an idea come to me in a restaurant, too. I also write foodie romance, so I get food ideas everywhere.

    I get ideas in dreams a lot. I even had one dream where the entire plot happened during the dream. Complete with fight scene. It was awesome.

    I also got an idea at a recital once. Ha. That was a fun one.

    I love reading these comments. It's cool to see where everyone's ideas come from. :-)

  6. Rebecca--you and Stephanie Myers. She says the whole Twilight series came from a dream. Did you write that one?

  7. I outlined Catch while stuck at the Atlanta airport. I remember texting you and Joann. LOL