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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Review: Book of Eli

I had the opportunity this weekend to watch the movie, Book of Eli, starring Denzel Washington. Actually, I got to watch it twice.

How did I watch it twice? Well, the first time I watched it was while the baby napped and DH had taken DS#1 and DS#2 to the movies to see Despicable Me. I bought it on DVR. So the second time I watched it was on Sunday when DH turned it on using the free replay to watch it again.

It was kind of funny to watch it twice.

The first time I saw it, as I sat near the baby monitor, anxious that any little noise might wake him up, I found that I didn't enjoy the movie all that much. I kept feeling like I was watching a post-apocalyptic western. Denzel, who is honestly such an amazing actor, kept meeting the bad guys in the middle of the street guns, or sometimes swords, drawn. I had a hard time getting into.

But when I watched it with my husband the next day, while someone else had the baby and the kids played in the playroom, I found that this time I could really suspend my disbelief and let the story take me with it--even knowing where it was going to go.

My opinion: It's a wild ride if you're in the right mood for it. And I still think it's a Western at heart. You just have to be in the mood to root for a gun slinger!

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