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Monday, July 12, 2010

Vacation Dreaming

So periodically, I dream about vacations we don't end up taking. But, occasionally we do go places, although lately they've been very 'kid oriented.' Probably to be expected, right? LOL.

Anyway, in order to add to my day-dream capacity, tell me where was the best vacation you ever took?




  1. I haven't taken a "real" vacation in so long I almost forget what it feels like. But when I was younger, we took a trip to Madrid for spring break. It was fabulous! One of the perks of living in Germany is that we could go to so many wonderful places. I love Europe. There's so much rich culture and history. Okay and you have me wanting to go on vacation.

  2. Vivi-I've always wanted to go to Madrid. I've been to France and England but never Spain. My brother, who lived in Europe for a while, says the same thing as you. The accessibiltity to all the differnet places is incredible. Sigh, now I want to go to Spain!

  3. I would have to say Victoria, B.C. since I've never been off the continent. But I want to make it to the ocean this summer as well. Save me a place in your luggage!

  4. I have heard amazing things about Victoria, BC before. Thank you for reminding me to put that on your list. My luggage is going nowhere right now. LOL!! It's collecting dust and cursing me for being boring. LOL!